Mobile Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Surveillance Systems

What is Mobiz?

Mobiz mobile security and video survelliance systems by Deha Electronics, can be used with these solutions.

  • Mass Transportation Vehicles (IETT- Halk otobusleri)
  • Armored Valuable Item Vehicles
  • Taxis
  • School Busses and Services
  • Police Cars
  • Government Services
  • Ambulances
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Fleet Vehicles
  • Cranes
  • Ferries, Yatchs
  • Service Management Vehicles

For hidden survelliance needs on your mobile vehicles, now you can monitor what is going on by video, audio and GPS.

We provide and install security cameras inside your mobile vehicles. When they are on road to anywhere, you can track it’s location, speed, alerts and live video streams with audio. If you like, you can record 7/24 audio-video, watch live online. Mobiz Mobile Survelliance System is connected to your alarm system. By this connection, it always records and in any unwanted situations you will be warned.

Mobiz Mobile Survelliance System makes people change their behaviours and makes you and them sure what has to be done will be done.

  • People know that they are under survelliance, are behaves and always stays on alert.
  • Drivers force themselves to obey traffic rules.
  • Drivers and Passengers feels more secure.
  • Deterrents Pickpocketing and thieving.
  • Prevents molesting on mass transport vehicles.
  • Helps to police to find criminals easily.
  • For special circumtances, video survelliance can be legal evidence.
  • Statictic Reports about Vehicles, Drivers and Passengers
  • Provides high amount of data with date, time and event to users.
  • Helps controlling undeclared accidents.
  • For Mass Transit Vehicles, with monitors inside, advertatorial videos can be played from headquarters.
  • Comforting security feeling on passengers.
  • Ad income and with ads system could pay itself in a short period of time.
  • Additional income chance for owners.

Mobiz Mobile Survelliance System is a digital eye of the owner. Speed limit, heat, oil, g-sensor, door, signal and brake datas can be monitored by Mobiz.

  • Determining damage made to Mass Transit Vehicles.
  • Determining burglary and molesting attempts on Mass Transit Vehicles.
  • After an unwanted accident, can be used to write police and insurance reports.
  • Determining driver mistakes.
  • Determining hi-jacking.
  • Road report obtaining from outside camera of a vehicle.


  • Monitoring and maintaining vehicle for speeding, heat, oil and alarms from internet.
  • Blocking gas/diesel pump from internet.
  • Locking all doors from internet.
  • Messaging with vehicle from internet:
  • Streaming videos, ads and music videos inside vehicle.
  • Controlling playlist in vehicle from headquarters by internet.
  • Recording video survelliance for 1 week inside vehicle.
  • Comprehension vehicle sensors to MDVR V6-4 unit and controlling nearly anything in vehicle from internet.