Mobile Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Surveillance Systems

What is DVR?

For searching Electronic Security needs, there is Digital Video Recording (DVR) systems for about 10 years which is alternate for analog recording systems. DVRs has network compatiblity, compression, storage and they are easy to manage. Because of these advantages DVR systems accepted by whole world as best usable solution for needs. You can find many information for DVR systems on this page.

DVR Video Recording is a PC oriented managing softwate that has Multiplexer, Digital Records, Digital Video Sharing. With simple and useful user interface, anyone can use and proccess records easly. It has Linux oriented own operating software. DVRs record incoming video streams from cameras and stores it in itself. When in need, DVRs can send data to any pc. Remote connection softwares work mostly on Windows PC platforms.

Server oriented DVR systems stores videos on digital servers and clients only need to connect to server to proccess videos. With DVR’s great compression ability, digital video files has great smoothness and resulation.


  • Realtime OS and high speed control system that allows realistic records
  • For better video quality, video codes changed to MPEG-4 codecs.
  • Recording Resulation upto 1080p (Can be change between models).
  • Live streaming, Recording, Older day’s records, Network Sharing.
  • Supports many resulation settings.
  • For improving night records, it has digital filters.
  • When unit has been closed, can be set to open automaticly by a timer.
  • It has better Harddisk controller and read/write method technologies.
  • Standby mode.
  • For easy watch and managing, storing records.
  • CF card and USB 2.0 Connection.
  • DVD-R and network connection has many different storage options.
  • On Network, user software can be used to manage unit.
  • Video , Audio recording and for coding, improved network performance.
  • For enviromental security, bank and traffic monitoring solutions, 16 channel DVR security systems.
  • Harddisk records can be written to CD’s by DVD writer.