Mobile Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Surveillance Systems

About Us


Deha Electronics opened it’s doors in 1995 for technical and spare parts support for television services. After a couple of years of growing, Deha Electronics changed from TV service to TV Emergency hospital and started to provide solutions where it’s needed. Deha Electronics finished its institutional innovation and started to hold research developement projects.

With these R&D projects, finalized survellience system hardware and software on vehicles in Turkey for the first time. Humanity always tried to secure their belongings for centuries. Now the times we live is the most needed thing is security. It caused to many companies to release innovative security products. With these innovations Mobiz offers to you world wide ranged vehicle security with online live streaming via 3G connection. Mobiz Survelliance Systems now will be your 3rd eye on your belongings.


To improve security communication with new technologic improvements and richen users lives.

Deha Electronics, from the start till now, it’s motto is quality service, easy life.

  • We believe customers always deserve best:
  • We provide fast and effective solutions.
  • We offer clean, logical and simple approach.
  • We believe  success is a road which has to be rode fast, effective and flexible.
  • We get power from our enthusiasm and desire.
  • We run together to same target.
  • We communicate in a kind and trustfull way.
  • We share our knowledge and support different ideas to improve.
  • We learn from our mistakes to provide better each time.
  • We will never give up from leading in our sector.
  • We support every creative, technologic and innovative idea.
  • We take responsibility with brave desicions and reach target.
  • We believe our success is a teamwork and we support our workers.
  • With social responsibility way of thinking, we provide valuation to our society.