Mobile Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Surveillance Systems

For Your Fleets and Construction Vehicles


MDVR is a digital video recording system and with embedded 3G module, system serves online connection support from anywhere and anytime. MDVR is a very high-tech and a rare complete system that includes GPS tracking, 3G connection and Survelliance Camera connections. MDVR supports camera connections from 4 upto 16 interior and outside IR Video & Audio cameras.

MDVR supports upto 7 alarm triggers that help you track unauthorized door openings, oil and gas tracking, ignition closing etc.

This whole modules serves to record, tracking, security demands to an advanced Video Survelliance and GPS Tracking program that allows you to watch live or old recordings of vehicle cams, GPS position and speed datas anywhere anytime.

You can connect to server from your Android or IOS phones and do as you could do like you are on your computer.

Here is the important services that Mobiz Mobil DVR system serves:

  • Video Camera Survelliance System
  • 4, 8 or 16 channel camera support
  • SD Card and Harddisk recording support
  • GPS Tracking System
  • 3G or 4G mobile internet connection support
  • Mobile internet can be shared inside vehicle
  • 2 or more “Panic Button” support
  • Door, gas tank cap, trunks, hood opened alarms
  • Advanced GPS Tracking and Video Survellience program
  • Recorded video survellience datas can be used as an evidence
  • You can play recorded video files with most mediaplayer programs. (Avi Mpeg-4 coding)
  • Our all hardwares have TSE certificates. (Turkish Standarts Enstitute)