Mobile Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Surveillance Systems

Advantages of Mobiz MDVR

1- It prevents law ticket reports, appearence, smoking and passing station situations.

Example: If there is a police ticket and vehicle code, you can connect to the vehicle and download video of related date and hour to control if ticket reason is real or not. You can make a report and cancel ticket if it’s not accurate.


2- If any of your vehicles blocked by police force, you can connect to vehicle and download video and audio data to see if it’s happened for a real reason. If not, then you can write footage to a CD and hand it to authoritatives and can make your vehicle released.


3- If authoritatives sent you a ticket for not making your route service even you did it that time, you can send, show video footage and gps records to cancel that ticket.


4- In pooling system, collecting money prohibbed and if you find out a driver collecting money, you can punish driver with video records.

5- If there is a complaint came from passengers, you can control it with a couple of clicks to find if it’s real or not.


6- Lost and found thing’s owners can be found by video survellience. If there had been a robbery, you can help police to solve crime by handing your video records.


7- Mobiz MDVR systems can store upto 45 days of video survelliance. In need of survellience records, you don’t need to go to the vehicle. Just connect to vehicle via internet and that’s it. For 45 days to back, Mobiz would be your 3rd, always recording eye.